10 Best Job Search Sites for Canadians

10 Best Job Search Sites for Canadians

10 Best Job Search Sites for Canadians


10 Best Job Search Sites for Canadians – The Canadian job market has seen steady growth in recent years, with over 21 million people in the working population according to Job Bank. Although the unemployment rate ticked up to 5.8% in October 2022, Canada continues adding jobs at a monthly average of 28,000 since January based on Statistics Canada’s latest report. The job market remains competitive but promising, especially for those who use the right tools and sites in their search.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 best job search platforms used by Canadians in 2023. These sites cater to various audiences, including recent graduates looking for entry-level roles and experienced professionals seeking positions in their field. Some sites excel at aggregating local job postings, while others focus on national or remote openings. By leveraging these sites strategically, Canadians can maximize their chances of finding the right job match.

While networking and other search methods remain important, dedicated job sites have become invaluable resources for researching opportunities. They provide access to thousands of openings in one place and allow users to filter by location, title, salary and more. Read on for an in-depth look at how to make the most of the top 10 sites during your Canadian job hunt.

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Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  1. Indeed
  1. LinkedIn
  1. Job Bank (Government of Canada)
  1. Workopolis
  1. Jobboom (Quebec)
  1. Eluta
  1. Glassdoor
  1. CareerBuilder Canada
  1. Monster Canada

Questions to answer

  • What are the top job search sites used by Canadians?
  • What are the key features and benefits of each site?
  • Which sites are best for recent graduates vs experienced professionals?
  • Which sites are best for finding local vs remote jobs?
  • What tips can help Canadians maximize their search on these sites?

1. Indeed

Indeed is the most popular job search site in Canada, with over 1808 jobs related to Statistics Canada alone (ca.indeed.com/q-statistics-canada-jobs.html). As an aggregator, Indeed pulls job listings from employer websites, job boards, associations and more, compiling them into one large database. This gives job seekers access to a broad range of job opportunities all in one place. Users can search by keyword, location and job type, while filtering further by date posted, salary, job title and more. Indeed also allows job seekers to save searches and set up email job alerts to be notified of new postings.

2 LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the top job sites used by Canadians, with over 10,000 job listings in the country at any given time [1]. As the world’s largest professional networking platform, LinkedIn has a massive user base of over 310 million members globally. This makes it a prime destination for recruiters and companies looking to connect with experienced talent.

One of the key advantages of LinkedIn is that many jobs are posted directly by recruiters, rather than aggregated from other sites. This means you can apply directly through LinkedIn for roles that may not be advertised elsewhere. The extensive profile data also allows recruiters to proactively search for and connect with suitable candidates.

With its focus on industry professionals, LinkedIn tends to skew towards more advanced roles suitable for experienced candidates. Recent grads may find more entry-level openings on sites like Indeed or Workopolis. But for mid-career or executive jobs, LinkedIn should be a go-to resource.

3 Job Bank (Government of Canada)

Job Bank [1] is the free national job board run by the Government of Canada. It features job postings from private and public sector employers across all industries and levels, making it one of the most comprehensive sources for Canadian jobs.

A key benefit of Job Bank is that you can search for jobs by province, so it’s easy to focus your efforts in your local job market. With over 86,000 employers posting jobs, Job Bank should be on every Canadian job seeker’s list.


Workopolis is another top job search site in Canada, with a particular focus on white collar and professional roles. According to their website, Workopolis hosts over 80,000 job postings at any given time across a wide range of industries.

One of the unique aspects of Workopolis is the resume database available to recruiters. Job seekers can upload their resume to Workopolis and opt-in to make it searchable by recruiters and hiring managers looking to fill open positions. This can be a good way to get noticed by companies that are actively hiring.

In addition to job listings, Workopolis offers a wealth of career advice and resources aimed at helping job seekers with their search. Their articles and guides cover topics like resume writing, interview preparation, job search tips, and more. For those looking for help along their career journey, the Workopolis resources can provide useful insights.

Overall, with its focus on white collar and professional roles, integrated resume database, and career advice articles, Workopolis is one of the top destinations for experienced job seekers and professionals in Canada.

5. Jobboom (Quebec)

Jobboom is the largest job search site catering specifically to the Quebec market. With over 1.5 million monthly visitors, it reaches more job seekers in Quebec than any other site (Source).

As a Montreal-based company operating since 2000, Jobboom understands the unique hiring landscape in Quebec. The site offers a bilingual platform to post and search for jobs in English and French across the province.

Jobboom indexes listings for a range of roles, from entry-level to executive positions. Key industries include IT, banking, retail, healthcare, and education. Users can search for jobs by region, city or keyword.

For job seekers in Quebec, Jobboom should be a go-to resource along with province-specific sites like Emploi Quebec. Its focus on matching Quebec employers and candidates makes it a top choice.

6. Eluta

Eluta is another job aggregator site that pulls listings from various online job boards and employer websites. Like Indeed, it does not host job postings directly but provides a central platform to search multiple sites at once. One of the key features of Eluta is that it ranks results by relevance, using algorithms to surface jobs that best match the searcher’s criteria and keywords. This helps job seekers quickly find the opportunities most suited to them.

Eluta also provides salary information with many of its listings, giving users a sense of the expected compensation for a given role. This data is aggregated from job postings across the web. For job seekers, it can be useful to get a sense of the salary range for similar positions in their field or location.

Overall, Eluta is a great option for its smart search functionality and salary transparency. Those looking to cast a wide net and understand salary norms can benefit from using this aggregated job site.

7. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a very popular job search site in Canada, providing users insights into companies through employee reviews, salary data, and interview questions. Unlike most job sites, Glassdoor focuses more on providing transparency into potential employers and their workplace culture, rather than just aggregating job listings. Some key features include:

Company reviews and ratings – Glassdoor has an extensive database of employee-submitted reviews for hundreds of thousands of companies around the world. Users can read detailed reviews to get an inside look at a company’s pros and cons, culture, leadership, work-life balance, compensation and more before applying.

Salary data and interview questions – Along with reviews, employees also share salary ranges and interview details to help job seekers better prepare when researching potential employers. This level of transparency into compensation and the hiring process is extremely useful.

Jobs not advertised elsewhere – In addition to reviews, Glassdoor also lists open positions directly from employer’s career sites. This means job seekers can find openings that may not be posted publicly on large job boards.

Overall, the unique peer insights make Glassdoor one of the most helpful resources for researching companies and roles when conducting a job search. The data empowers applicants to make more informed career decisions.

8. CareerBuilder Canada

CareerBuilder Canada is a long-standing job search site that has been around since the late 1990s. As one of the first major online job boards, CareerBuilder has established itself as a go-to resource for Canadian job seekers.

Some key features of CareerBuilder Canada include:

  • Resume database – Candidates can upload their resume to be searchable by employers and recruiters.
  • Job alerts – Users can set up email notifications for new job postings based on keywords or filters.
  • Career advice articles – The site provides tips on resume writing, interviewing, salary negotiation and more. CareerBuilder.ca

Overall, CareerBuilder is best suited for active job seekers who want access to a large database of openings and career development resources. With over 20 years of experience in online recruitment, it remains one of the top job sites in Canada.

Monster Canada

Monster Canada is the Canadian division of the United States-based global job board Monster. With over 300 million people registered on Monster worldwide, it’s one of the largest job sites in existence.

Monster Canada has a broad range of job listings across multiple industries, career levels, and locations. Users can search for local jobs in their city or province or look for remote, work-from-home options across the country.

The site provides helpful tools and resources for the various stages of a job search. Users can get resume and cover letter tips, practice video interviewing, research companies, and access career coaching services.

Monster also has an extensive database of articles and videos covering job search advice, interview preparation, negotiation strategies, and more. This makes it a useful site for picking up valuable skills for finding and landing a new role.

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