Top 10 Remote Work Companies Hiring Now in Canada

Top 10 Remote Work Companies Hiring Now in Canada


Top 10 Remote Work Companies Hiring Now in Canada – Working from home has grown rapidly in Canada in recent years. The percentage of Canadians working the majority of their time from home has more than tripled since 2016, increasing from 7.4% in 2016 to 23.4% in 2022. By January 2024, Statista reports that remote work accounted for over 30% of Canadian workers, a significant increase from just 4% in 2016.

For Canadian companies, having employees work remotely provides many advantages. It opens up the talent pool beyond just local geographic areas, allowing companies to recruit top talent from across Canada. Companies can also save on real estate costs by having fewer employees in physical offices. Supporting remote work can help Canadian companies attract and retain workers who value location flexibility and work-life balance. Overall, embracing remote work enables Canadian companies to remain competitive in attracting skilled workers.

3. Canada-based companies with remote opportunities

Several top Canadian companies now offer flexible remote work opportunities within Canada. These companies provide great options for Canadian residents seeking to work remotely without having to relocate or work internationally.

The Black Tux:

Specializing in formal wear, they offer various remote roles and emphasize a respectful, collaborative work culture. Explore their current job openings and apply on their careers page.


An AdTech and digital media company, they provide opportunities in remote work with benefits like company-sponsored happy hours and flexible schedules. Explore their current job openings and apply on their careers page.


This EHS software company offers roles in cloud and consulting services with perks like paid industry certifications and continuing education stipends. Explore their current job openings and apply on their careers page.

Carbon Direct:

Focusing on applying science to solve the climate crisis, they offer a hybrid work model and benefits like life insurance and hardship benefits. Explore their current job openings and apply on their careers page.

Scratch Financial:

A fintech company, Scratch offers remote roles with benefits like a return-to-work program post parental leave and quarterly engagement surveys. Explore their current job openings and apply on their careers page.


A security and software company, they offer team-based strategic planning and personal development training among other benefits. Explore their current job openings and apply on their careers page.


Operating in big data and edtech, Guild offers benefits like health insurance and job training & conferences for its remote positions. Explore their current job openings and apply on their careers page.


A fintech and payments company, Sagent provides remote work programs and company-sponsored family events. Explore their current job openings and apply on their careers page.


Known for revolutionizing 3D and 2D technologies, they hire in areas like software development, graphic design, and writing. Explore their current job openings and apply on their careers page.


Shopify is a leading ecommerce platform based in Ottawa. This tech company offers many remote positions in areas like software development, product design, customer support and more.

Featured remote opening:
Senior Product Designer, Shopify Payments
Requirements: 5+ years of UX/UI design experience, expertise in fintech/payments, strong portfolio


Wealthsimple is a popular robo-advisor and investment management service located in Toronto. They have remote openings in engineering, finance, marketing, operations and more.

Featured remote opening:
DevOps Engineer
Requirements: 5+ years DevOps experience, AWS/GCP expertise, experience with CI/CD pipelines

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2. Global companies hiring remote workers in Canada

Many global companies are expanding their remote work opportunities in Canada due to the high supply of skilled talent. According to a Himalayas report, some of the top global companies hiring remote workers in Canada include:


Amazon is a multinational technology company focusing on ecommerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It arguably takes the first spot in the top 10 remote work companies hiring now in Canada. Their culture emphasizes innovation and a high performance environment. Benefits include paid time off, 401K matching, health/dental/vision insurance, life and disability insurance, and parental leave.

Featured remote opening: Software Development Engineer. This role requires proficiency in Java, Spring Boot, MySQL, Docker, and AWS. The salary range is $121,000 – $183,000 CAD. It’s a top opportunity to gain experience with cutting edge technologies at one of the world’s most influential companies.


GitHub is a software development platform enabling developers to host and review code and manage projects. Their culture is centered around openness, inclusion, and adaptability. Benefits include flexible work schedules, paid time off, health insurance, training budget, and home office setup stipend. It rightly takes its place in the top 10 remote work companies hiring now in Canada.

Featured remote opening: Principal Software Engineer. This role requires expertise with front-end frameworks like React as well as excellent communication skills. The salary range is $169,000 – $240,000 CAD. It’s a premier opportunity to shape the future of software development tools.

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3. US-based companies hiring remote workers in Canada

Many US companies are expanding remote work opportunities to Canadian residents due to the abundance of skilled talent. Here are some top US companies currently hiring for remote roles in Canada:


Shopify is a leading commerce platform based in Ottawa that powers over 1 million businesses globally. They have a flexible “work from anywhere” policy and regularly post remote jobs in Canada for roles like Software Developers, Data Analysts, and Technical Writers. This amazing company takes its place in the top 10 remote work companies hiring now in Canada.

Featured remote job opening: Senior Data Scientist

  • 5+ years experience in a data science role
  • Python and SQL fluency
  • Experience with experimentation and A/B testing
  • Salary range: $100k – $150k CAD

As a Canada-based company with an exceptional remote work culture, Shopify is a top choice for Canadians seeking US-style compensation while working from home.


Amazon has remote openings across Canada and boasts competitive salaries along with benefits like health/dental insurance and stock options. They regularly hire for roles like Cloud Support Engineer, Data Analyst, and Account Manager.

Featured remote job opening: UI/UX Designer

  • 3+ years of design experience
  • Expertise with Figma, Sketch, etc.
  • Collaborative team player
  • Salary range: $80k – $120k CAD

With its top-tier compensation and benefits, Amazon is a coveted remote work destination for Canadian technologists and designers.

In-demand remote jobs in Canada

Some of the highest growth remote job categories in Canada include positions in customer service, sales, education, IT and admin support. According to reports from Randstad and Indeed, the following remote jobs are in high demand across the country:

Customer Service

With many companies offering customer support virtually, there is a major need for customer service agents and representatives to work remotely. These roles often involve answering phone and email inquiries, providing tech support, managing complaints and offering general assistance to customers. According to Indeed data, the average salary for remote customer service jobs is approximately $45,000 annually.


Remote sales roles are prevalent, especially in fields like insurance, real estate, retail, tech and more. Common remote sales positions include account managers, sales representatives, sales coordinators and business development professionals. Depending on the industry and level of experience, the average salary for remote sales jobs ranges from $45,000 to over $70,000 per year.

IT Jobs

There is high demand for various information technology professionals to work remotely. Some top remote IT jobs include software developers, product managers, data analysts, web developers, computer systems administrators and technical support specialists. Salaries vary greatly depending on exact position and experience, but mid-level remote IT jobs often pay $60,000 to $90,000 annually.

When hiring for these in-demand remote positions, Canadian employers often look for strong communication abilities, self-motivation, time management skills and comfort with the required technical platforms and tools.

5. How to get hired for remote roles

Crafting a strong application is key to getting hired for remote roles in Canada. Here are some tips:

  • Tailor your resume and cover letter to each role. Highlight remote work skills and experience.
  • Emphasize your ability to work independently and manage your own time.
  • Showcase tech skills like video conferencing, collaboration tools, and project management software.

Acing the remote interview will also improve your chances of getting hired. Some strategies include:

  • Set up a professional video conferencing setup with good lighting and minimal background noise.
  • Come prepared to speak about your remote work habits, schedule, and preferred communication methods.
  • Have strong answers ready for questions about dealing with isolation and building relationships remotely.

To stand out as an ideal remote worker, demonstrate:

  • Self-motivation and ability to work productively without supervision.
  • Flexibility and willingness to adapt to different team workflows.
  • Strong written and verbal communication suited to distributed teams.

Highlighting these remote-specific skills and mindsets will grab hiring manager’s attention and help you land top remote roles.

6. Challenges of Remote Work

While remote work offers many benefits, it also comes with some unique challenges that employees and employers need to be aware of. Some of the top challenges of remote work include:

Collaboration and Communication Issues

Collaborating and communicating effectively can be more difficult remotely compared to in-person. Important casual conversations that happen naturally in an office may not occur as frequently. It can also be challenging to have seamless collaboration using online tools. Extra effort and intention need to be put into communication to ensure alignment and productivity.


Working in isolation remotely can lead to feelings of loneliness for some employees. Without the social interaction of an office, some remote workers struggle with loneliness and lack of community [2]. Companies should promote social connections through remote social events and communication channels.

Work-Life Balance

Maintaining work-life balance can be difficult when working from home. With no separation between work and personal life, remote workers may find themselves working longer hours or feeling like they’re “always on”. Setting boundaries and being disciplined about clocking off is essential. Companies should also encourage employees to take breaks and vacations.

7. Benefits of working remotely in Canada

There are many financial and lifestyle advantages to working remotely in Canada compared to being in the office full-time. Some key benefits include:

Tax advantages

Canadians who work from home can claim some of their expenses on their tax returns, including a portion of rent and utilities based on the size of their home office space[1]. This can lead to thousands of dollars in tax savings each year.

Flexible schedule

Remote work allows for a more flexible schedule without having to commute into an office every day. Workers can shift their hours as needed to accommodate other responsibilities. This flexibility leads to improved work-life balance and ability to integrate personal and professional life.

Savings on commuting, clothes, meals out

By avoiding a daily commute, remote workers save significantly on transportation costs like gas, vehicle wear and tear, and public transit expenses. Meals and coffee breaks at home are also cheaper than dining out. Remote workers can also save money on professional wardrobe and dry cleaning with a more casual home office dress code.

8. Remote work resources for Canadians

There are many helpful resources available for Canadians seeking remote work opportunities across the country and beyond.

Popular remote job boards like, FlexJobs, and Remote Work Hub all list thousands of remote jobs based in Canada or open to Canadian applicants.

Dedicated remote worker communities provide networking, support, and job opportunities. Top options include Remotive Community, Remote Circle, and Digital Nomads Around the World.

Conferences like Remote Work Summit and Hiring Remote bring together remote workers, employers, and industry experts. Many events have moved online, opening up virtual attendance.

With the growth of remote work in Canada, more targeted resources are emerging. Stay updated through communities, job sites, and remote work publications.


In summary, Canada offers a wide variety of remote work opportunities across many different industries. With top companies like Shopify, Bold Commerce, FreshBooks, and others hiring remotely, there are options for remote work suitable for various skills and experience levels.

The most in-demand remote jobs tend to be in software engineering, sales, customer service, marketing, and HR roles. However, remote work in Canada spans many job categories and functions. By understanding the hiring priorities and culture of companies, tailoring your application, and showcasing your ability to work independently, you can stand out in the remote work talent pool.

Current remote job openings can be found on leading Canadian job sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and AngelList. Company career pages are another great resource. To maximize your chances of getting hired, take time to craft a thoughtful application, prepare for video interviews, highlight your remote work assets, and network with professionals at your target companies.

With the right preparation and strategy, you can land a remote job at one of Canada’s top companies offering virtual work. The opportunities to advance your career while working flexibly and remotely are growing rapidly.

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