Top 30 Remote Work Companies Hiring in the US

Top 30 Remote Work Companies Hiring in the US


Remote work has been growing in popularity over the past few years. According to Forbes, 38% of men and 30% of women now work remotely full-time. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this trend, as many companies were forced to embrace remote work. Now, both employees and employers are seeing the benefits.

For job seekers, remote work provides flexibility, improved work-life balance, and opens up opportunities at companies outside of their geographic region. Employers also benefit from access to a wider talent pool and can save on real estate costs with fewer people in the office. According to McKinsey, 87% of workers offered remote opportunities take advantage of them, working remotely an average of 3 days per week.

With both sides embracing the benefits, it’s clear remote and hybrid arrangements are here to stay. This creates exciting potential for job seekers looking for flexibility and employers wanting to attract top talent.

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Aurora Solar

Founded in 2013, Aurora Solar focuses on making solar adoption simple and predictable through their cloud-based platform. They offer a fully remote work environment with benefits like 401(K) matching and mental health benefits. Check their career page for opportunities.


Established in 2016, Healthie is a healthtech and software SaaS company providing infrastructure for virtual healthcare organizations. They are fully remote and offer benefits including commuter benefits and mental health support. Explore their job openings.

Top 10 Remote Work Companies Hiring Now in Canada


Blackbaud, operational since 1981, works with nonprofits and educational sectors. They offer a fully remote work setting with perks like continuing education during work hours. Visit Blackbaud Careers for more information.

Airspace Link, founded in 2018, integrates drones into urban environments. This fully remote company provides wellness programs and relocation assistance. For job listings, visit Airspace Link Careers.

Duo Security (part of Cisco)

Since 2010, Duo Security has been a leader in multi-factor authentication and secure access. They are fully remote with benefits like paid volunteer time. Visit Duo Security Careers for current job opportunities.


Onbe, a FinTech company established in 1996, is fully remote and offers benefits like wellness programs and a flexible work schedule. Check out Onbe Careers for more details.


Founded in 2012, Liftoff specializes in mobile app marketing and monetization. They offer a fully remote work environment with benefits like performance bonuses. Visit Liftoff Careers for job opportunities.

Vouch Insurance

A new player in the insurance sector since 2018, Vouch Insurance offers flexible remote work options and childcare benefits. Explore their career page for openings.


Known for Jira, Confluence, and other collaboration tools, Atlassian, founded in 2002, provides a fully remote work setting. Their benefits include commuter benefits and unconscious bias training. Check their career opportunities.

Human Interest

Operating since 2015, Human Interest specializes in retirement plans and offers a fully remote work environment. Visit Human Interest Careers for available positions.

Toast, Inc.

A company specializing in restaurant management software, Toast Inc. offers remote work opportunities. Visit their careers page for more information.

Ensemble Health Partners

Focused on revenue cycle management solutions in healthcare, Ensemble Health Partners offers remote roles. Find more at their career site.


A staffing and recruiting company that offers remote job opportunities. Visit Akraya Careers to explore current openings.

Ascension Health

A healthcare organization providing remote job opportunities in various roles. Check their careers page for more details.

Harvard University

This prestigious university offers remote positions in various fields. For employment opportunities, visit Harvard University Careers.

Stage 4 Solutions

A marketing and project management services company offering remote work. Explore opportunities at Stage 4 Solutions Careers.


Specializes in part-time and flexible work arrangements. Check their career opportunities.

Rackspace Technology

A leader in cloud computing services, Rackspace offers various remote roles. Visit Rackspace Technology Careers for more information.


One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges globally, Binance offers remote jobs in various departments. Find out more at Binance Careers.


Swiftly is revolutionizing urban transportation with its data-driven approach. The company, trusted by over 110 cities globally, focuses on improving transit experiences. Swiftly offers a remote work environment where employees can contribute to complex spatial, temporal, and behavioral solutions in urban mobility. Explore job opportunities on Swiftly’s career page.


Founded to enhance the dental industry through technology, RevenueWell supports a culture of openness and support. They value contributions over hours worked and encourage an entrepreneurial spirit. Remote work opportunities can be found on RevenueWell’s career page.


League is on a mission to empower people to live healthier lives every day. They offer a connected and meaningful work environment where employees build their personal career plans and track growth with regular feedback. League’s career opportunities are available on their job portal.

KinderCare Learning Companies

As America’s largest provider of early education and childcare, KinderCare is dedicated to offering environments where children can flourish. Founded in 1969, they have a strong history of serving children’s formative years. Remote roles and more information can be found on KinderCare’s career site.


Mendaera envisions a world enhanced by handheld robotics in healthcare. They value curiosity, humility, and honesty in their team, striving to make impactful healthcare products. Discover Mendaera’s career opportunities on their website.

iRhythm Technologies

iRhythm is a healthcare technology company focused on advancing cardiac care. Their team is dedicated to doing the right thing for patients and clinicians. Remote job listings and more information are available on iRhythm’s career page.


Specializing in manufacturing and design, Flex offers dynamic and enriching careers in a global setting. They focus on collaboration, communication, and execution. Check out remote opportunities at Flex Careers.

King’s Hawaiian

Best known for their Hawaiian Sweet Bread, King’s Hawaiian is a family-owned business that started in 1950. They value their employees as family, guided by Aloha values of excellence, dignity, and honesty. Discover their job openings on King’s Hawaiian’s career page.


Biogen is a biotechnology company with a focus on neuroscience. They seek talented individuals to contribute to a field with many unmet medical needs. Explore Biogen’s remote opportunities on their careers site.


Committed to healthcare innovation, GoodRx cultivates a diverse team to drive true innovation in the healthcare industry. Their remote work opportunities can be found on GoodRx’s career page.

March of Dimes

For 80 years, March of Dimes has been supporting maternal and infant health. They advocate for policies prioritizing health and support radical improvements in care. Find remote roles at March of Dimes Careers.

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